When I started writing…

When I started writing(About 2-3 years back), it was mostly just some small writing about various experiences. These were usually assignments that my mother gave. In those, I just wrote it in the shortest way possible, I didn’t add any details, not even the important ones as I didn’t know how to. When I reviewed the writing I had written, I thought that a lot of things were missing. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what things but I did realize something was amiss. Then I started reading and being inspired by the authors I read about. I immediately recognized the lack of detail in my writings. I got up and started editing the writing about the experiences that I still remembered, and this time I actually had fun! That is, because everything started coming naturally to me as I had started reading a lot. Before I got into reading, writing just felt like work. Now it feels like a fun thing to do!


A holiday gone wrong

I sat on the soft sands of the beach, and sipped some pineapple juice. I had left the surf a short while ago and had switched-on the refreshing mode. My family and I were on a one-day holiday in Chennai and I was spending all the time I could on the beach. It was sheer bliss when things around me collapsed like the Twin Towers. I spotted a man waving a red flag, and I wondered what the fuss was about. An emergency hooter sounded and made the atmosphere tense. Then I heard the deathly words, “Shark! Shark!” Swimmers stumbled out onto the beach and stood at a safe distance, spreading the word about the shark. I spotted the protruding back-tail of the creature, the imagery that had been printed on my memory from the numerous photos and films that I had seen. I was on my feet in an instant but I stood rooted to the ground for the creature came right towards me. I was at a safe distance but one of the swimmers came right in line with the freaky attack. In a snap, the death jaws opened and a swift sideward movement gave the unlucky swimmer no chance as the jaw closed quickly as it had opened. The crimson change of the waters sent a shiver down my spine. At this point, everyone was screaming and throwing things at the shark, rock, pebbles, sand, toys, shoes, chairs, whatever they could. However, this only made the shark angrier. It almost came to the surface, only to fall back to the water. I took the sharpest pebble I could find and, screaming, aimed it at the shark’s eye. I missed it. But then, a helicopter came above the shark, dropping what seemed like a grenade over it’s head, making a lot of noise to scare the shark but not doing any damage. I assumed it was a toy grenade. The beach was safe but closed off so that they could clear away all the blood of the shark’s culprits so that more sharks don’t come, attracted by the blood. In the end, we were safe, but my holiday was spoiled.

The Doorway To Everything

Conner was a 10-year-old dark-skinned boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Rubbing his eyes for better vision as he could scarcely see his table in the far corner of his untidy and sky blue room, he woke up and hunching his back he called,

“Mum, can I get my milk?”.

“Sure dear.” came a reply. A few seconds later his mother came in wearing rubber gloves and holding a tray with a glass full of milk in it. “Here you go.” She said as Conner gulped his milk. “Thanks.” He said while slamming the empty glass gently down on the tray his mother was holding.

“Come here,” Conner’s mum said just as Conner was ready to go to school. Conner sighed as he walked over to his mum who hugged and kissed him goodbye. This was a daily routine, he had to bear his mother’s hugs and kisses every day.

“C’mon,” said Brad, a 10-year-old tall boy with jet black hair and yellow eyes, and Conner’s best friend when Conner reached school, “Let’s get to class.” Conner groaned. It was history, his least favourite subject. Brad was already jogging towards the mahogany door to history class, it was only one of the many subjects he loved.

History was as boring as always, minutes felt like hours, seconds felt like minutes but this time something caught Conner’s ear. “We don’t know why, but cave men often drew pictures of a garden with a square in the middle. The square had some kind of handle in between so that it looked like a trapdoor.” Professor Daniel was droning on, “The really strange thing is that we’ve searched every single place on the earth, but nothing resembles that thing.” Now Conner was a curious boy so he was lost in thought. “Why do you think they drew that?” he whispered to Brad who was sitting next to him. “Shhhhhhh,” he replied “I’m trying to concentrate.” 

Conner was thinking about what Professor Daniel had said all day, he couldn’t pay attention in any class. All that was going in his mind was that garden drawing, that garden, and what would that square in between mean?

“Something’s either troubling you or something’s on your mind.” Brad said to Conner when they were going back to their houses from school. Conner sighed “Yeah, I wasn’t able to concentrate in school.”


“I can’t stop thinking about that garden picture cavemen drew.”

“Oh, then, can I come to your house to play right now?”

“I suppose.”

“Then c’mon, let’s go”


Brad was trying to cheer Conner up for the rest of the day, trying to keep his mind off the garden picture cavemen drew. Finally, Conner said “Why don’t we play with the new slime I got?”. “Sure, let’s play.” Brad replied.

Conner took out a light grey can with a parchment attached, in Conner’s wobbly handwriting, it said slime. Conner opened the can and took out a gooey and squishy green thing and gave some to Brad while he played with the rest. “Ew, it’s sticking all over my hands!” Brad said

“Calm down Brad, it’s slime.” said Conner half mindedly, still fixated on the garden picture’s square.

“It’s too sticky to be slime.” Grumbled Brad impatiently.

“It is slime! It was under the slime section!” Conner protested.

“Somebody must’ve misplaced it there.” Brad growled as he tried to take the sticky slime off his fingers. Then, suddenly, all the slime flew out of their hands and joined to form a little creature with hands as big as his little green face and a spring instead of legs.


“Aww, I think it’s cute, we should keep it as a pet.” said Brad while picking the creature in his hands and cuddling it as if it were a baby.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS!” Conner yelled, loud enough for the whole house to hear, “THIS THING! AS A PET! HAVE YOU GONE MAD?!

“C’mon Conner, look at it from the brighter side!” Brad said calmly.


“Alright, but at least let me keep the can to hide Gordy.”


“Well, of course, he’s my pet!”


“Ok,” said Brad knew Conner could get really mad so with one quick turn he disappeared out of the house.

“Why did you need the can Brad?” Conner asked him for the hundredth time that day at recess. “Shhhhhhhhhh,”  Brad whispered, “People will freak out if they know about Gordy!”

“Why don’t you just dump him?” asked Conner. Brad was silent. A moment later, he said; “Why don’t we go to class early?”

Conner sighed, Brad always changed the subject when he asked this. But then he wondered why? What was Brad hiding from him? Before he had a chance to ask him that, Brad snarled, “I don’t want to talk about Gordy!” and went inside the classroom.

The next day at school, it was geography and unlike other times, Conner was enjoying himself! That is, because they were handed out to do the best project in the history of school! They had to find out the history of one of the places in the world and model/draw things related to their history! Conner loved modeling so he was super-excited, well, he was until Brad’s bag started shaking and making loud squeaking noises, like the shouting of terrified little squirrels. “Brad? Is there something in your bag?” asked Miss Wendy, their geography teacher. “I don’t think so,” said Brad unconvincingly, “And if there is, I didn’t put it.”

“Let’s check your bag then, shall we?” Miss Wendy said suspiciously while taking Brad’s bag out of his hands. Brad gulped nervously, he didn’t want anyone knowing what was in the bag. Miss Wendy took out the same can Conner had given Brad the other day and asked “Why have you brought slime to class and why is it shaking so uncontrollably Brad?” 

“I….. I…..I don’t know, miss.” 

“I know!” exclaimed a kid in the back of the class, “Brad has brought something other than slime in that! Probably a rat!” All the people except for Brad, Conner and Miss Wendy laughed. “SILEEEEENCE!!!” yelled Miss Wendy “Let’s see if there is a rat inside this, would you like me to open this can Brad?” Brad opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out, “Okay.” he managed to stutter. Miss Wendy opened the can but all they found was; thin air? “IT’S HAUNTED!” someone shouted and everybody began screaming crazy. 

“Why was the can shaking Brad?”  Conner asked him while walking home. Brad sighed, “I bought Gordy in it,” he said “But the strange part is that after Miss Wendy handed me the can I saw that Gordy was inside!”

“That’s not possible, you must be having hallucinations!” exclaimed Conner

“I know right!” Brad exclaimed “But see for yourself!” And sure enough, there was Gordy inside the can. “Bu..Wha that…..It must’ve jumped into your bag.” Conner said.

“But then why was the can shaking?” asked Brad. “It……how…..I…” Conner was lost for words.

Conner thought about Gordy for the rest of the day. It was magic how Gordy had formed, but did that mean he had magical capabilities too? Surely that Isn’t possible? Magic is just a myth right? At least that’s what all the grown ups told him. But he didn’t really believe that, now that he’d seen magic with his own eyes. He knew Gordy’s forming wasn’t a hallucination, as he and Brad both had seen it and it was very unlikely for two people to have the same hallucination at once. But then what was the science behind this? Conner had been able to figure out a logic in everything since he was 5, but this was a totally different thing! “We shouldn’t dump him, we should study him.” was the last thought Conner had before darkness took over him and he fell into a deep sleep.

“Wake up! Wake up!” said Conner’s mom as she shaked him so much he thought his head would fall off. “Hey hey hey, I’m awake mom!” Conner said as he sat up. “Brad has been calling for you non-stop for 2 hours and I have been calling you to help with dinner for ages and where have you been?” Conner’s mum demanded, “Napping. Do you realise how much time my waking you has wasted? 15 minutes! And I still have 10 chores to do!” “Hey hey hey, mom,” Conner said, “I’ll help you with the chores, and it’s only 15 minutes!” 

“So go! Make dinner!”

“But I only know how to make sandwiches!”

“That’ll have to do for now!”

The next day, Brad met Conner at school and grumbled, “I left Gordy at home but god knows what he’ll do there. He’s really pushing his luck, you know. He made mum think that there was an eagle at my window. Shall I dump him?” 

“No no no no no, we should study him.” answered Conner.

“What! You suddenly changed your mind! Yesterday you wanted to dump him! It’s like we switched sides!”

“Brad, you know how much I love science! Can you bring him to my lab today? If we don’t find anything useful, we’ll dump him ok?”

“Ok.” Brad and Conner went to class.

This was the second day Conner wasn’t able to concentrate on anything, not even science. All that was on his mind was; Gordy, Brad, Gordy, and Brad.

When Brad brought Gordy home, Conner was already ready in his white robes and whispered excitedly, “This is going to be the biggest discovery in history!” and led Brad to his lab. In the lab, Conner dissected Gordy a little, which seemed to cause Gordy no pain so he took a little slime out of him and performed all the tests he could think of, DNA test, relation test, what does he eat test, but found out nothing. “You’re right,” he said to Brad, “ He’s useless, we’ll dump him tomorrow night.” Unfortunately, Gordy had heard this and suddenly jumped up and ran outside. When Conner saw this, he ran after Gordy but Brad stopped him, ”You said you’ll dump him.” 

“But not now! It’ll be a big shock for the world!”

“Ok but not next time.” Brad sighed and ran after Conner.

They ran after Gordy till they reached a clearing in which Gordy first ran zigzag as they followed him and just as they were about to catch him he began running in spirals. What was he doing? Thought Conner. Suddenly, their spiral route became a big whirlpool and engulfed them. All Conner could see was earth mud bending around him and making him fall through an endless spiral.

Conner fell down on a clearing which looked like it was floating in mid-space and Brad landed beside him. “Is this floating in mid-space?” said Conner, “If yes, then how the heck are we breathing here?”

“Earth is floating in mid-space.” Brad pointed out.

“Yeah, but earth has an atmosphere! This doesn’t look like it has one!” Conner exclaimed but Brad was only half listening.

“Where’s Gordy?” he suddenly said.

“There!” Conner said, “Running towards the middle of this place!” and with that Conner and Brad ran towards Gordy but he’d already vanished. “What! Did he become invisible again?” said Brad. “No, I think he went through this.” Conner said while pointing towards a trapdoor which was soo covered by grass that you almost couldn’t see it “Wait,” said Conner again “This resembles the picture cavemen drew, could it be? Could cavemen know about this place?” 

“We don’t have time for logistics right now!” Brad said, “We have to go after Gordy! It might just be the way out of here!” 

“Yeah, yeah ok. But it might lead to our dooms, and I’ll blame you in the afterlife!”

Brad and Conner jumped together, plunged into the deep darkness of the trapdoor. As Conner landed, it was soft. What? He thought How am I even alive? It was such a long fall! As Conner’s eyes adjusted to the sudden light he saw two dark figures looming over him; a monster with a grubby face with pimples and vines with thorns for hand, and a person made out of molten lava and fire for hair. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Conner screamed and ran for his life as Brad did the same. Vines as thick as a globe followed him around, extending from the vine monster’s hands and shooting thorns at him. Conner twisted and ducked to avoid the thorns but one caught his arm and stuck there. He screamed in pain and took out the thorn that had dug in his arm. He used it to attack another monster which was crawling out of the river on his left. He leaped on It’s back and dug the thorn inside, in return, he was flung on the wall of the room. Only then Conner noticed the infection spreading in his arm where the thorn had struck him. Quickly, he searched his lab coat for disinfectant and untidily smeared it all over his wound. As he started to run towards the trapdoor they had entered from, he noticed that it was covered all over with thick weeds. He cursed under his breath, where were they to go now? He saw Brad dodging fireballs from the lava monster and running towards something. A door! Perhaps that would bring them out of this wretched place. He ran towards it, jumping and leaping over monsters and obstacles that blocked his path. As he reached the  place he flew the door open, “Quick! Brad! We need to get out of here!” he shouted as he rushed inside the door. Brad came in a second later, slamming the door shut and locking it with a metal he must’ve found in the other room. They both turned, only to find another dark shape looming over them, this time it was a huge, winged creature with big red scales and spikes all over his back: A dragon! Taking a second to take in what that thing was, Conner went straight to battle mode. Sliding under the dragon’s legs, he embedded the thorn in the place where the tail and the body connect. “Ow,” said the dragon while picking up both the children in his hand, “That hurt. Look, my bodyguards out there aren’t friendly, but I just came to help! If you want to get out yourself, then it’s up to you.”

“Swear on your life that you won’t harm us in any way.” growled Conner.

“Ok, I swear on my life that I won’t harm you in any way!” whimpered the dragon while releasing them and murmuring something Conner couldn’t hear, “Do you have an ointment for that thorn? It really hurt.”

“Ughh here,” said Conner irritatedly while handing the dragon a new can of disinfectant. “It’ll stop infection. Now tell us how to get out of here.” 

“Ok, you see that door?” The dragon said while pointing towards a glowing turquoise door in the air which looked like magic was floating around it. Conner had not noticed the door before, “You just visualise the place you want to go,” the dragon continued, “And walk through that doorway, it is the doorway to everything. Also, can I keep this Gelster?” The dragon picked up Gordy who was lying lazily on the floor. “They’re very rare.” 

“Yeah you can keep Gordy,” said Brad, “If you don’t mind, we’re going.”

“Wait,” the dragon said while handing them each a ruler, “A gift, it’s powered by the doorway to everything. Anyway, if you visualise a place while holding one of the rulers, it will teleport you over there, but it doesn’t work here, near the doorway to everything. Bye!”

“Yeah, bye, we won’t tell anyone about this place, we know that’s what you want.” Brad said, but Conner was already walking through the doorway to everything to his lab. Brad followed and they were both out of that place. “Wooh, what an adventure! I never want to go there again!” Brad said to himself as he left Conner’s house and returned to his own!

The End

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Let’s break the quote “why blend in when you were born to stand out”? Why blend in means – why try to be like others? when you were born to stand out means – when you were born to be something different. so the whole thing means – why try to be like others when you were born to be something different? So if a 9 year old likes to just read and write alone in his room and his mother and father force him to play outside and be like others, he won’t be happy and will never be himself. And if he would be sad, his family would be sad and there will be more sadness than happiness in the house.

Thanks for reading and this is my quote – ‘The fun of nature is more than the fun of games.’ Please tell me what this quote means to you.

The Day I Felt Ignored

Once when I was in Nursery (I was 4), during free time, one of my friends put milk in a clay box and blamed me saying I had done it. Ma’am wanted to take someone’s clay. She asked him for his clay and found milk in his clay box. She asked him what happened and that was when he blamed me. He told ma’am that I had put milk in his clay box and clay in my milk glass.

I felt upset. I tried to tell ma’am the truth but she didn’t listen to me and scolded me. I felt angry and ignored.

I am 8 now and I still remember this incident.