A holiday gone wrong

I sat on the soft sands of the beach, and sipped some pineapple juice. I had left the surf a short while ago and had switched-on the refreshing mode. My family and I were on a one-day holiday in Chennai and I was spending all the time I could on the beach. It was sheer bliss when things around me collapsed like the Twin Towers. I spotted a man waving a red flag, and I wondered what the fuss was about. An emergency hooter sounded and made the atmosphere tense. Then I heard the deathly words, “Shark! Shark!” Swimmers stumbled out onto the beach and stood at a safe distance, spreading the word about the shark. I spotted the protruding back-tail of the creature, the imagery that had been printed on my memory from the numerous photos and films that I had seen. I was on my feet in an instant but I stood rooted to the ground for the creature came right towards me. I was at a safe distance but one of the swimmers came right in line with the freaky attack. In a snap, the death jaws opened and a swift sideward movement gave the unlucky swimmer no chance as the jaw closed quickly as it had opened. The crimson change of the waters sent a shiver down my spine. At this point, everyone was screaming and throwing things at the shark, rock, pebbles, sand, toys, shoes, chairs, whatever they could. However, this only made the shark angrier. It almost came to the surface, only to fall back to the water. I took the sharpest pebble I could find and, screaming, aimed it at the shark’s eye. I missed it. But then, a helicopter came above the shark, dropping what seemed like a grenade over it’s head, making a lot of noise to scare the shark but not doing any damage. I assumed it was a toy grenade. The beach was safe but closed off so that they could clear away all the blood of the shark’s culprits so that more sharks don’t come, attracted by the blood. In the end, we were safe, but my holiday was spoiled.

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