Why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Let’s break the quote “why blend in when you were born to stand out”? Why blend in means – why try to be like others? when you were born to stand out means – when you were born to be something different. so the whole thing means – why try to be like others when you were born to be something different? So if a 9 year old likes to just read and write alone in his room and his mother and father force him to play outside and be like others, he won’t be happy and will never be himself. And if he would be sad, his family would be sad and there will be more sadness than happiness in the house.

Thanks for reading and this is my quote – ‘The fun of nature is more than the fun of games.’ Please tell me what this quote means to you.

The Day I Felt Ignored

Once when I was in Nursery (I was 4), during free time, one of my friends put milk in a clay box and blamed me saying I had done it. Ma’am wanted to take someone’s clay. She asked him for his clay and found milk in his clay box. She asked him what happened and that was when he blamed me. He told ma’am that I had put milk in his clay box and clay in my milk glass.

I felt upset. I tried to tell ma’am the truth but she didn’t listen to me and scolded me. I felt angry and ignored.

I am 8 now and I still remember this incident.

I dream of clouds…

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A beauteous ocean,

A blood red beach,

The striking sunset,

The joy in the air.

The croak of the frogs,

The song of the sparrow,

The bleat of the lambs,

Like a bronze guitar.

The feel of the wind,

The heat of the sun,

A wandering cloud,

The peace in the air.

The smiles we smiled,

The laughter we shared,

Like distant echoes on a lost forest floor.

Yeah-yeah-yeah: oranges and tangerines

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Stare at hills in the past,

Tear yourself apart.

Gaze at the star-filled sky,

Look at the butterflies wandering by.

Hear the musician weep

As he sings a lonely beat.

Here the joyful chirp,

Of a sparrow who just gave birth.

Now break down, yes, break down,

Break and never join again,

Like a vase shattered in the floor.

Here the goats bray,

As they eat in the glowing day.

Slap yourself till your hands break,

Drown yourself in a bloody lake.

Find your inner-peace and smile,

Walk down a busy road for a mile.

Creep down the street,

With ever silent feet.

Look at the beauty in yourself,

Be an open book in an open shelf.

Now break down, yes, break down,

Break and never join again,

Like a vase shattered on the floor.

Now I don’t have much to say,

I am going crazy,

I am mad,

And I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

Movie Review -Mission Mangal

You want to know how ISRO reached Mars in 2014 in the first try? watch the movie Mission Mangal.

In this movie ISRO scientists try to send a satellite to Mars but they will have to wait for many years for that. So by conserving fuel they send a moon satellite to Mars.

The characters of the movie are the project head, Tara, Tara’s children, Tara’s husband, junior space scientists and NASA’S project head.

The main character is Tara who is very clever, intelligent and believes in god (which is surprising as most scientists don’t believe in god because they think there is no power beyond science. )

My favourite scene was when Mangalyan 1 was being launched because it felt as if I am seeing the scene in real life.

I would surely recommend this to others.

Quotes About Life…

Awesome quotes esp the fourth one!

Nico’s Domain - Ignorance Is Bliss

  1. “Happiness is just a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things.”
  2. DON’T PLEASE EVERYONE: 1/3 will LOVE you, 1/3 will DISLIKE you, 1/3 don’t bother about you. So don’t try too hard to please everyone.
  3. If you don’t like the road you are walking start paving another one.
  4. Life is so ironic, it takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.
  5. Good better best, never let it rest. ‘TIL your good is better and your better is best.

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Jake’s Rubix Learning

Confused Jake!

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Jake. Whenever he had free time, he would try to solve his Rubix cube. The Rubix cube was his favourite toy.

One day, he was very excited. He was going to his cousin’s house after a long time. he packed his bag with all kinds of things like his rubix cube, his study books, his water bottle etc. While he was going, he had an idea. His cousin brother, Jean, knew how to solve a rubix cube, he could solve it for Jake. Jean agreed to solve it for him but Jake did not ask him to teach him how to solve a rubix cube.

When Jean solved it for him, he kept showing off the solved cube to his friends. Jake kept saying that he had solved it himself and lied.

The next day, all his friends gave their rubix cubes to him and asked him to solve them by tomorrow. Now, he was in trouble! He thought and thought but none of his thinking helped. He asked one of his neighbour, Tick, for help. Tick knew how to solve a rubix cube. This time Jake shuffled his own cube and asked Tick to teach him while solving it.

After Jake had learnt, they both solved Jake’s friends’s cubes. Since that day Jake and his neighbour Tick were best friends.