When I started writing…

When I started writing(About 2-3 years back), it was mostly just some small writing about various experiences. These were usually assignments that my mother gave. In those, I just wrote it in the shortest way possible, I didn’t add any details, not even the important ones as I didn’t know how to. When I reviewed the writing I had written, I thought that a lot of things were missing. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what things but I did realize something was amiss. Then I started reading and being inspired by the authors I read about. I immediately recognized the lack of detail in my writings. I got up and started editing the writing about the experiences that I still remembered, and this time I actually had fun! That is, because everything started coming naturally to me as I had started reading a lot. Before I got into reading, writing just felt like work. Now it feels like a fun thing to do!

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