Avengers End Game: The Best Movie Ever!

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I recently watched Avengers End Game and thought of summarising it because it was so cool. You all might want to watch it and if you don’t want to spoil the movie for yourself, don’t read this.

The movie is about how the Avengers defeated Thanos. In Infinity War, half the Universe’s population had died.

There was peace for the ones who were dead but not for the ones were alive. They wanted the dead ones back. Nebula (who was first in Thanos’s team but joined the Avengers when Thanos betrayed her) told the Avengers about Thanos’s plan. Then the Avengers went and killed him. But he had destroyed the Infinity stones and the stones were the way to get half of the Universe’s population back.

So they time traveled back in time. Natasha dies for the Soul Stone but they got all the stones. But after that, instead of the usual Nebula, the one in the old Thanos team came. She brought Thanos. Only Iron man, Captain America and Thor fought at that time. But Dr Strange opened 20 portals from which all the Avengers came. Black Panther got his biggest army. They were still losing but at the last moment, Ironman took the Infinity Stones and clicked his fingers. You must be thinking that he killed half the population. But No! He only killed Thanos’s army and Thanos.

Aren’t you excited about watching this movie (if you haven’t watch it already)? I would recommend it for all age groups 5 and above. The adults might find it a bit boring because there are a lot of fights. The young ones would find it exciting because it has fantasy and adventure. Also, please watch Infinity War before watching this movie.