Jake’s Rubix Learning

Confused Jake!

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Jake. Whenever he had free time, he would try to solve his Rubix cube. The Rubix cube was his favourite toy.

One day, he was very excited. He was going to his cousin’s house after a long time. he packed his bag with all kinds of things like his rubix cube, his study books, his water bottle etc. While he was going, he had an idea. His cousin brother, Jean, knew how to solve a rubix cube, he could solve it for Jake. Jean agreed to solve it for him but Jake did not ask him to teach him how to solve a rubix cube.

When Jean solved it for him, he kept showing off the solved cube to his friends. Jake kept saying that he had solved it himself and lied.

The next day, all his friends gave their rubix cubes to him and asked him to solve them by tomorrow. Now, he was in trouble! He thought and thought but none of his thinking helped. He asked one of his neighbour, Tick, for help. Tick knew how to solve a rubix cube. This time Jake shuffled his own cube and asked Tick to teach him while solving it.

After Jake had learnt, they both solved Jake’s friends’s cubes. Since that day Jake and his neighbour Tick were best friends.

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