Thomas Alva Edison: Saviour of Mankind…

Can you imagine life without light? You can’t. Light has always been part of your life. Have you ever wondered who invented the light bulb? So let me tell you who invented it. Many people tried to make a light bulb but nobody came up with one that glowed for more than a few seconds. Then came a scientist named Thomas Alva Edison who was from U.S.A. Thomas tried out a thousand different filaments and finally in 1867 he learnt that carbon filament lasted the longest. When he used carbon filament his light bulb glowed for 13 hours! So we all have Thomas Edison to thank for the light.

What did you learn from this? Please comment.

What I learnt was that hard work gives you achievement, and that we must always keep trying to achieve what we want to.

12 thoughts on “Thomas Alva Edison: Saviour of Mankind…

  1. Wow nice post. I learned from this that we should always keep trying and never give up because if Thomas Alva Edison had given up after trying 2 or 3 then light bulbs then light wouldn’t have been discovered.

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  2. Maybe worth noting that Humphry Davy produced light from a battery and a strip of carbon some two hundred years ago, and also that there is some dispute concerning the theft of Tesla’s experiments. Again, Edison worked as head of a team, not as the sole inspiration. So perhaps there is another lesson lurking here?

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