Recipe of Aam Panna

I had a got a holiday homework to choose one thing out of four options and do that thing. You know it’s difficult to choose one thing out of four, so I chose to do three of them. The three are – to write a food blog, to write a new recipe and interviewing my grandparents and listing a few home remedies for beating the heat.

This is my food blog about how to make aam panna. Aam Panna is a cool drink that can refresh you if you have come after playing outside, if you have come after work etc. My dadi makes it for me everyday and she taught me how to make it, Here is the recipe of how to make Aam Panna.

  1. Boil a raw mango.
  2. Take out it’s pulp.
  3. Mix black salt, roasted cummin seeds, sugar and pudina leaves with the pulp.
  4. Now churn this mixture in the grinder.
  5. Strain the mixture.
  6. Now keep it in the fridge and whenever you want to drink it, mix water in it and drink it.

This recipe is enough to make one glass aam panna.

So what feeling did you have after drinking your aam panna? The first time I drank aam panna, I had a cool and refreshed feeling.

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