Movie Review: Aladdin


This is a movie review about the movie ‘Aladdin’. Aladdin is an exciting movie, it also has lots of magic.

In this movie, Aladdin is a poor boy. With the help of the genie, he becomes a prince and marries a princess.

The characters in this movie are Aladdin, Jafar, Jasmine, Genie, Sultan of Agrabah, Abu the monkey, Magic Carpet, Dahliah and Jasmine’s tiger, Rajah.

The main character is Aladdin. I would describe him as good-hearted, kind and brave. My favourite scene is when the genie was coming out because Aladdin had rubbed the lamp. It was a like a huge genie coming out of a tornado. It made me feel scared and excited at the same time.

I would surely recommend this to other children and adults. Those who watch this movie, don’t get scared in some parts even if Jafar does some cruel things because nothing will happen. I feel this movie could have been better if there had been less songs.

If the director of this movie reads this blog, please take my suggestion.

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