The Best Place on Earth

Have you heard of the best place on earth? That’s right, its KIDZANIA.

I went to Kidzania on 18TH May, 2019 with my school friends Aditya, Aekus, etc. to celebrate my birthday party. Before the party had even started, I felt too excited because this was the first time I would get to go to Amity University in Kidzania (I had turned 8). I mean… I … I… I cant tell you what happened in Kidzania. I … I … I mean it was sooooo much fun. I went to Amity University (but i failed). I also went to candy factory.Iin the beginning I was really confused that what activity should I go to. Then I asked my friends and they told me exciting places to go to. After my party was over I felt like going to Kidzania again.

Where did you do your party? How much fun did you have?

Share it in the comments section.

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