The Best Birthday Ever!

I could barely sleep on 16th because of the excitement I had of my birthday. I am going to tell you about my birthday party.

I had a great birthday party on 17th May 2019 in my house. I had called Krishna bhaiya, Raghav bhaiya, Shubham bhaiya etc. When nobody except me and my brother were there, I felt tooooooooo excited. In the party, I got bored in the beginning but after some time, I was having a lot of fun. In the beginning, nobody was playing with me but after some time all of us played basketball, Nerf and dark room. When the party was happening, I couldn’t bear to stop playing. When everyone went, I wished my next birthday would also be rocking like this one.

Wasn’t this experience cool? What are your experiences? Please share them on your blog.

4 thoughts on “The Best Birthday Ever!

  1. Wow Yash!
    This is fabulous… it seems you had lots of fun on your birthday. I really enjoyed reading your story 😊


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