Padma and the Blue Dinosaur – Summary

I read the book ‘Padma and the blue Dinosaur’ by Vaishali Shroff recently. I really liked it and I wrote a summary of the book.

This story is about Padma who is the grand-daughter of Labubhen and Labubhen is a shepherd. Padma had lost her parents in a famine. Labubhen was very energetic. She went to the temple everyday while her cows grazed nearby. Padma used to catch up with Labubhen after school. She watched the cows while sitting on a rock and making stories. Padma also used to draw magical and strange creatures on the rocks and Labubhen said that they resemble the makaras from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Padma also has a friend called Rock Uncle. He examined rocks with a senior palaeontologist and told Padma about dinosaurs. Rock uncle told Padma the names of real dinosaurs. Padma got excited and named hers and made endless stories.

One day, as Padma was going home with Labubhen and Rock Uncle, she tripped on a dinosaur egg nest. Rock uncle was really surprised and gave Padma one of the dinosaur eggs. Padma hurried back home holding the egg carefully. She was feeling very thankful to rock uncle.

At night, Padma could not sleep thinking about the egg. Padma thought there was a real dinosaur in the egg and Labubhen thought there was a makara. At last, Padma fell asleep but when they woke up, the egg was gone. Their house was also gone. They were in the middle of a deep forest lying on a tree’s roots. Padma and Labubhen were really shocked.

Then, they saw the egg covered with leaves. Just as Padma looked back, she saw a creature with a hyena’s face and the body of a giraffe. But it was blue and had a longer neck than a giraffe. They named it blue thingosaurus. Just then Rock Uncle came and said, “Aha! An Isisaurus, one of the most peculiar looking sauropods found in India. Rock Uncleis glad to see Padma and Labubhen.

The blue thingosaurus wanted his mummy. They decided to help him. Together they moved into a new and mysterious journey with a blue dinosaur following close behind. They walked and walked till the forest cover cleared and they reached a vast expanse of land.

There, they saw the kingdom of Jabalpuria. The guards tried to capture them because they thought that they were intruders. Labubhen said that they have an offer for the king and that’s why they have come there. They went to the king. The offer was making food for him and the king found it delightful. The king sent the guards to protect blue thingosaurus. One of the guards was Mahaan and the other was Baahu. Mahaan led the way and Baahu protected them. Labubhen saw something behind the trees and Mahaan and Baahu made those things run away. Baahu and Mahaan asked them to be alert.

At night, they saw several rajasauruses hunting. They fooled them by throwing rocks in the river and escaped. After sleeping, while clicking pictures, rock uncle spotted various blue Isisauruses. That was bluethingosaurus’s family! They all feasted the food that rock uncle and Labubhen cooked and slept.

The next morning, Padma woke up. Nobody remembered anything about the bluethingosaurus. That’s how Padma knew that it was a dream.

Have you also seen interesting dreams?

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