Twilight Camp Adventure

Today I am going to tell you about my experience in my second twilight camp where I went in my school bus. A twilight camp is a camp in which there is lots of fun and we go back home at night when at least one star is visible.

I went there at 12.30 pm with all my school friends except Devavrat, Rohit and Shivya. Before the Twilight Camp, I felt really excited because I had had a twilight camp before also and it had been lots of fun.

What really happened was an enthusiastic day. Sports was really fun, we played so many games like go under the hand, tunnel game etc. In Art and Craft, I liked the idea of the craft we needed to do – we got a flower cut out and colourful paper. We needed to tear the colourful paper, make it into a ball and stick it on the flower cut out.

During the day, I kept wanting to eat candy floss. When I had eaten candy floss, I wanted to go home. After the camp, I wished tomorrow would also be twilight camp. But that did not happen.

So guys, would you want a twilight camp in your school as well?

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