My Visit to Heaven on Earth

I went to Srinagar and Gulmarg with Ishaan Bhaiya, Raghav Bhaiya, Aditya Bhaiya, bua, Fufa, Mama and Papa. I went in Jan 2019. One of the days in Gulmarg was very exciting.

 When I woke up, I was sad that I could not play at night in the snow. I got ready and asked my mother if me and my brother could go out and play in the snow. We went for 15 minutes and came back, had breakfast. I finished my breakfast late and Raghav bhaiya came late, so we went out late together to play in the snow. Aditya bhaiya taught me how to make snow man. I tried to eat snow at that time. It had no taste and it melted in the tongue. It felt cold.

After that, we went and changed our clothes. Then we went out and wore another jacket and boots because our normal shoes would have become very wet in the snow. We climbed on a sledge, somebody pulled it and we went to the base of the mountain. On the sledge, I always picked up snow and threw it on others. It was fun. Light snow fall had started. I didn’t feel it but bua did. We got off the sledge and walked a little to a cable car. We went on another mountain in the cable car. While we were in the cable car, heavy snow fall started. I was feeling like eating the pure snow that was falling.

On the other mountain, we did skiing. I already knew skiing a bit because I had learnt skating before. We walked a little and did snow biking. I sat in the front while snow biking, that’s why snow kept falling on my face. I felt very cold on my face. We stopped sometimes while snow biking and once when we stopped, I went into a shepherd house. The shepherd house was warm. After snow biking, we warmed ourselves in a little shed which had a bukhari. (A bukhari is a metallic cylinder shaped thing in which wood is burnt.) After warming ourselves, we went back to the hotel. On the way back, we had almost frozen because a lot of snowfall was happening and there was a lot of snow. Snow went inside Ishaan bhaiya’s nose too.

When we reached the hotel, the first thing I did was that I removed my gloves and went to the fire place. I felt very relived and warmed my hands for a long time.  Then, we changed our clothes and played a little inside. After that, we had a late lunch and then went to Srinagar.

Now I will tell you about my second day in Srinagar.

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